Monday, April 28, 2014

4 Years

It has been 4 years since I married my hunk of a husband!  I truly find myself lucky everyday to be married to him, I'm sure everybody says that about their significant other but really I lucked out! So with celebrating 4 years of marriage I thought it'd be fun to tell some fun facts/quirks about us!

*We are both crazy picky. It's totally worked to our advantage because we can share anything and we both understand why onions are the nastiest things ever!
*We are 3 years and a day apart therefore we basically share a birthday!
*We both hate being late to things, we've never quite mastered that whole "casually late" thing.
*We have a bad habit of popping each others backs. This is inconvenient when we are away from each other for long periods of time.
*We frequent the DI when we are bored, it's almost as if we will see something there and it will give us an idea of what to do?
*After we leave DI we go and vacuum out the car. I always tell him he tricked me into it, but really it's expected and it's no surprise that a trip to DI will end at the car vacuuming place!
*Not a week passes that we don't go to a gun store. This probably sounds way lame and well it kind of is, but it's "our thing" and I love that I am "cool" enough that Aust always wants me to join him! I wouldn't trade it!
*Every time I cut Austin's hair, he treats it as if he's getting to know a new stylist. "So how long have you been cutting hair? When did you graduate?" I laugh as if it's the first time I've heard him say it. I love this, and that boys sense of humor.

We celebrated our anniversary all weekend long this year, Austin planned everything and surprised me, it was so great!  We stayed at The Hilton in Salt lake, went to a motor-cross event, went to the movie- Draft Day, slept in, and just had a grand ole' time. I am grateful every single day for the blessing Austin is in my life and for our marriage.  Life is certainly much better with him. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello again

Well, obviously it has been awhile, there is good reasoning too, okay not really.  Let me recap the last year.  The funny thing is, I love blogging, its a shame its been so long, really though it was because of this most awesome trip I planned for our anniversary and it was the ONLY thing that occupied my mind for months.  I was so worried if I blogged, I would accidentally spill the beans.  So lets rewind.  

Back in  September (2012) Roby, got engaged. When he called us awhile later to tell us the date, we were thrilled, April 27th 2013.  I had to remind Aust why that date was so great (its our anniversary) and then off I went pretending like we would NEVER make it out to North Carolina for the wedding.  We talked a lot about how exciting it was and how great it would be when they came back home for a reception later on.  Really though, how could we miss his best friends wedding?  It took a lot of hard work and secret planning, much thanks to my mom who did most of the leg work! Needless to say we made it there.  
On April 25th, Aust got in the shower to get ready for work, I quickly woke up, got ready and went back to "bed."  He finished getting ready and then came and kissed me goodbye, once his car left the driveway my mom was around the corner and came and got me.  Our bags were already packed and we were on our way.  I showed up at Austin's work (7 min. after he got there) and gave him their wedding announcement and told him to turn his computer off we had a plane to catch.  He didn't really believe me and was very skeptical but I had made all the arrangements with his boss and he had to okay, off we went!  It was such a blast and so nice to be there, plus it doubled as an anniversary weekend getaway!
Back to the year recap:
 Summer months- We celebrated our birthdays, took many a trip to St. George, bought Pass of all Passes and frequented Seven Peaks, baseball games, grizzlie games, among other fun FREE things! Kyron got his mission call, Fresno California! Bought a dirt bike and spent every Saturday on fun trails! Mindy had Benjamin David. Took our annual Harley trip (Lava, Jackson Hole, Aspen). Kyron left on his mission, Brielle found out she was having a BOY! Lots of family nights spent at the Morgans swimming. Brielle & Matt moved to Kansas.

Fall months-  Kasey got really sick with Pancreaitis, for about  a moth it felt like we were all just on survival mode, he is now a type 2 diabetic :( but we are all learning this new lifestyle change!  Tossed around the idea of selling our house, prepared to sell, SOLD. Seriously it was that fast, and totally unexpected but we found a buyer without a Realtor and so we were able to keep our cost way down by doing our own paperwork- SCORE! Cabin trips to Heber with friends. Moved in with Mom & Dad.



Winter- Cold, cold, and cold.  Brielle & Matt came home for awhile, hosted a fun baby shower for them. Christmas, Austin had nearly 2 weeks off so we were able to do lots of playing! Made it back to St. George to escape the cold. Brielle had baby boy, Jenson, Mindy & I went to meet him and had a fun girls weekend.


I think that about catches us up on the years festivities, as for the normal everyday activities, they are great.  Austin is doing so great at work, he gets pretty embarrassed with all my bragging about him but really I am so proud.  He basically carries his office with their goals, single handed.  His boss set up a staff meeting and in the email invite it said : 1. What is Austin doing that I am not? 2. How can I be more like Austin? Basically he rocks, and I just love how satisfied that makes him feel to be doing so well! Work for me is good, I have no complaints with both jobs.  Oh wait that's a half lie, doing hair out of my moms kitchen is not super awesome.  We make it work and I am grateful for her willingness, especially because I have managed to get hair die on her kitchen chairs, and window trim-- OOPS! Oh did I mention we still live with my parents, ya that's not cool considering we have put in 3 separate offers on houses, hopefully spring brings us better luck!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

[[ True love stories never have endings! ]]

February 10th, 2009.

Aust and I were hanging out on his parents couch.  He decided we would play a rendition of 20 questions.  Don't ask me to remember any of the small talk or stories, all I remember was the last question he asked.  "When do I get to call you mine?"  
Yes looking back now, sounds a bit juvenile, him actually asking me.  The point is, it was perfect! And I loved, love that child like attribute Aust has for life.  For the month leading up to that night, every day spent with him was perfect and truth be told I was so impatient waiting for that "official title." 
Austin came into my life and the exact perfect time.  I don't think I ever believed in soul mates or being "saved" by someone, but honestly Austin was an answer to every prayer I have ever had about my fairytale ending.  I'm sure he didn't know it at the time, and I know it freaked him out that I had barely ended a serious (seriously wrong) relationship.  I was grateful for him than and the way he flipped my world back right side up, and I continue to be grateful for him every single day.  

So for today, a shout out to real true love, and the anniversary of  "officially" being with somebody for the rest of forever.  I certainly love you Austin Mark, I don't know where I would be without you, I'm lucky I don't have to think about that!

Friday, February 8, 2013

[Wishful thinking]

I am completely missing the sunshine lately.  I wish more than anything it was summer, back to this...

Sunday, February 3, 2013


And I couldn't agree more.  
I am blessed to have Austin in my life for that matter, well and many, many more but this is certainly one of my favorite things. He keeps me laughing CONSTANTLY.
(Side note: As I am writing this, his dad asked him why he has holes in his socks, he quickly responds, "It's cuz Jilli accidentally washed these socks and they were actually hand wash only!" I told him he could do his own laundry from now on, to which he responds; "It's okay babe these were my only hand wash socks, it's not your fault you do so great with everything else!") 
Anyway he is hilarious.  I realize I have laughing attacks easily always have, but they never stop and for that I am grateful. 
I cannot imagine what it would be like to not start the morning laughing, and end each night laughing.  This boy turns any sad day into pure joy.  I cant even get mad at him when he does gross boy things because he turns everything into the funniest matter and I always cave with laughter.  I hope this isn't something that will carry over with our children, I will be in big trouble if I try to punish them and they are as witty as Austin is. They will never think I am serious. I can't complain about that however cuz life really is better when you're laughing.
I am lucky Austin keeps the childhood laughter alive in our home.  It makes the terrible/sad/hard/long days seem not so bad.  I am certain we will live a long life due to the amount of laughter that resides in our home.


I have kind of been neglecting my blog for awhile... why you ask? Its because I have been working on a new one.  I am actually really stoked about it.  My sisters and I decided we would start a blog together, a compilation of all the things we are good at and love.  It's been really fun and I am excited for it to really take off. You can visit it at:  We love followers!  In the meantime however, we have been up to some fun.  
We had a day off in January so we decided no better place to be than with our friends in sunny St. George.  We headed down on Friday with Quinn & Meagan and met up with Mike and Marni down there.  It was sure a great time.  We were able to do lots of relaxing, laughing, shopping, and eating.  I'm sure lucky Aust likes weekend getaways as much as I do!

 We are getting pretty sick of the snow and pure nasty-ness.  I can't wait for spring.  My commute to work has been taking me 3 times as long lately and I am just so over it.  


Chelsi & Kasey had their baby, and he is nothing short of adorable.  Greysin Blake Craven!  We are just loving having him around, I forgot how great a newborn is.  Nice and cuddly!

Friday, January 25, 2013

5K wanna be

I've always found the New Year to be a breath of fresh air, not because the previous year was bad, its just another chance to start over, make new goals, strive to be better, etc.  I love that everybody around is also focusing on the same thing- becoming better, doing better, whatever it might be there is a sense of freshness if you will! 

I usually set pretty simple goals so that I don't disappoint myself -HA pathetic!  This year I wanted to dig a little deeper.  Along with many goals, the one I seem to be really focusing on is to run a 5K.  I am sure all you runners out there and thinking how pitiful that is.  I myself thought it was going to be no big deal- boy have I proved myself wrong.  Day one of running I about died after half a mile.  Honestly I didnt think i was going to make it.  Lucky for me Austin has always been a good gym attender and so it helps that he motivates me to go.  I have kept at it- going on 2 weeks now.  I can't say I'm a pro- I'm nowhere near close, but I feel like its gotten slightly easier (slightly being the key word here!)  I am pretty excited about it all actually and I'm really hoping this is something I can keep up with!

I am sure none of you really care, but you know they always say, its not a goal unless you write it down.  So here it is, my goal.  Wish me luck!