Monday, April 28, 2014

4 Years

It has been 4 years since I married my hunk of a husband!  I truly find myself lucky everyday to be married to him, I'm sure everybody says that about their significant other but really I lucked out! So with celebrating 4 years of marriage I thought it'd be fun to tell some fun facts/quirks about us!

*We are both crazy picky. It's totally worked to our advantage because we can share anything and we both understand why onions are the nastiest things ever!
*We are 3 years and a day apart therefore we basically share a birthday!
*We both hate being late to things, we've never quite mastered that whole "casually late" thing.
*We have a bad habit of popping each others backs. This is inconvenient when we are away from each other for long periods of time.
*We frequent the DI when we are bored, it's almost as if we will see something there and it will give us an idea of what to do?
*After we leave DI we go and vacuum out the car. I always tell him he tricked me into it, but really it's expected and it's no surprise that a trip to DI will end at the car vacuuming place!
*Not a week passes that we don't go to a gun store. This probably sounds way lame and well it kind of is, but it's "our thing" and I love that I am "cool" enough that Aust always wants me to join him! I wouldn't trade it!
*Every time I cut Austin's hair, he treats it as if he's getting to know a new stylist. "So how long have you been cutting hair? When did you graduate?" I laugh as if it's the first time I've heard him say it. I love this, and that boys sense of humor.

We celebrated our anniversary all weekend long this year, Austin planned everything and surprised me, it was so great!  We stayed at The Hilton in Salt lake, went to a motor-cross event, went to the movie- Draft Day, slept in, and just had a grand ole' time. I am grateful every single day for the blessing Austin is in my life and for our marriage.  Life is certainly much better with him. 

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